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More and more families and companies are turning to us to help store their goods. Using storage facilities has become almost a matter of course, even for a short period. Most families need this for a variety of reasons, ranging from the period of time between taking out a new mortgage or buying a new property, to home restructuring, renovating or more. The key is to draw up a Packing List which contains all deposited material, in sequential numbering. This step is fundamental for both the customer and Speedy Moving because it will make everything quicker and clearer. Our warehouses are equipped with alarms and are video monitored. In addition, we have different types and sizes of storage areas to meet our customers’ needs: we have the right space, customized for every need, whether it’s a private individual’s or a corporation’s, and are free of time constraints (i.e. whether it’s for a personal change of clothes in accordance with the seasons, a hobby, a temporary showroom, moving houses or goods storage).


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