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Office moves are one of Speedy Moving’s true areas of excellence.

More than seventy years of experience, combined with the workforce’s honed expertise, ensure continued success.

Over the years, Speedy Moving has served many private, multinational and institutional companies.

We are fully aware that in this type of relocation, business continuity, regardless of the change of location, is key.

Often our clients in this field are multinational companies and firms with headquarters in Italy as well as offices abroad. In particular, we interact with Human Resources Managers (HR managers and, specifically, Expatriate manager or International mobility manager) and Purchasing Managers (specifically, Procurement managers, Indirect procurement managers and Facility managers).

Speedy Moving will not only minimize – or indeed completely eliminate – bottlenecks and slowdowns, but strive to optimize production continuity, in line with the client’s needs. Many of these services take place during the client’s downtime hours, i.e. at night or on public holidays. Much depends on the area, the number of workplaces, the archives that need to be moved, including special equipment such as data rooms, safes, laboratories and facilities.


To ensure the success of this type of service, it is essential that layouts are shared between the company’s contact person and the Speedy Moving operations manager. This will guarantee both that the agreed timetable is met and that the company’s production activities have as little downtime as possible.


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