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Speedy Moving has always been the leader for moves in Rome. It has been a vibrant part of the local territory, Rome and the Lazio region, since 1950, when it started its activity of road haulage, and has since carried out over 35,0000 moves to/from Rome.
Any type of move, from the small alleys of the historic town center to the suburbs, is executed by the best professionals


Local moves have always been the first step for all moving companies, precisely because one starts off in one’s own area, and then increasingly expands over the years. Local realities are always different from each other, starting with diverse architectural structures and surrounding roads.


During our 30 years activity we acquired a unique experience with thousands of international removals.No one else can be compared with our own competence, capable to direct and rule any single aspect of the shipment that involves many players: packing, loading, booking of container, customs formalities, sea freight, destination services…


More and more families and companies are turning to us to help store their goods. Using storage facilities has become almost a matter of course, even for a short period. Most families need this for a variety of reasons, ranging from the period of time between taking out a new mortgage or buying a new property, to home restructuring, renovating or more.

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