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When moving the contents of an apartment located on the ground floor, the job is straightforward, but the situation obviously changes when the move concerns an apartment located on a higher floor. In these cases, the most suitable solution is the use of ladder trucks. These can be rented, or you can choose a moving company that is already equipped with them – like Speedy Moving!

Why do you need a ladder truck?

When moves occur in multi-floor apartment buildings, problems and inconveniences may arise, stemming from the apartment’s location, the bulkiness of the furniture and/or the size of the objects to be moved. In short, it is better to be careful, and prepared. Narrow stairwells and the lack of – or prohibition to use – condominium elevators are the most frequent reasons which lead to the use of mechanical means such as ladder trucks. In fact, even if there are no specific challenges (stairs, elevators, etc.), aerial platforms, commonly referred to as ladder trucks, help solve all kinds of problems, saving time and ensuring safe load handling when working at height.

Use of ladder trucks

The use of ladders trucks is very common in construction, in any kind of work at height, and in moving operations. In any event where height may be a problem, these convenient tools are used to save time and money and to ensure safety and security. Furthermore, often the possibility of occupying floor or street space is very small: that is why, when working in confined spaces, the use of ladder trucks is useful as they take up little space and move loads quickly and safely.

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